Rexdale Immigrant Women's Project
Organization profile published 1980

Publisher:  Rexdale Immigrant Women's Project, Rexdale, Canada
Year Published:  1980  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2002

Working to meet the needs of immigrant women in suburban communities.

Abstract:  The Rexdale Immigrant Women's Project is attempting to meet the needs of immigrant women in suburban communities. These needs include the dispelling of isolation and loneliness which result from culture shock, language barriers, lack of friends or family, and lack of public transit. The Project, begun in November, 1978, was developed to meet these needs.
The Project originally set out to develop self-help groups for women who spoke the same language and shared the same cultural background. Modifications of this have occurred. The original informal coffee groups are now more structured and focused, offering specific courses such as Parenting Skills and Assertiveness Training. The groups have also moved from the use of volunteer leaders to skilled resource persons, although the volunteers still play a vital role in planning and organizing. The skilled leaders, however, are always from the same ethnic background as the women who make up the group.

Note: in 1981 the project changed its name to The Rexdale Women's Centre (RWC).

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