Emma Goldman: A life of controversy

Selfa, Lance

Publisher:  International Socialist Review (ISR)
Date Written:  01/04/2004
Year Published:  2004  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19888

More than six decades after her death, the anarchist Emma Goldman still stirs passionate political debate. Goldman made headlines in January 2003 when University of California, Berkeley, officials refused to allow the university's Emma Goldman Papers Project to send a fundraising appeal that quoted Goldman speaking out against war and for free speech. University officials said the appeal was too "political" to appear during the Bush administration's ramp-up to war in Iraq. Researchers at the Papers Project, which houses Goldman's personal and public papers, refused to concede in the face of university threats and organized protests against the university's suppression of free speech that forced the university to back down.

Subject Headings

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