New videogame gives you a tough course in capitalist theory

Carpenter, Nicole

Publisher:  Kill Screen
Year Published:  2016  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19826

The video game Crisis Theory aims to teach players about capitalism.

Abstract:  -

As capitalism, you’ve got one goal—profit. It should be simple, no? Here’s a spoiler. It’s not. As Cribb pointed out, capitalist theory is filled with contradictions. And those contradictions are the core of crises facing you, capitalism. There are five buttons to push in Crisis Theory—just five buttons to prevent your central process from falling into crises, and giving the people the power to revolutionize the system.


As Crisis Theory continues—10 minutes, if you’re lucky—you may find yourself clicking helplessly on the primitive accumulation button for any relief from the madness. It’s the button that functions as the starting point, but also as a way to increase the amount of capital in circulation, though it comes at a cost. Namely, imperialism. Or colonialism, or public debt, or expropriation. I found myself clicking tirelessly through these options, aiming to land on the least evil sounding one available.

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