Abundance for everybody
'Conscious food' supports a thriving urban activist community in Bolivia

Cowman, Sian
Publisher:  Ecologist
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19807

A group of Bolivian activists engage in 'conscious eating' while resisting capitalism and climate change and valuing everyone's work.



They chose the name La Casa de los Ningunos in reference to the poem Los Nadies by Eduardo Galeano. Los Ningunos are the have-nots, those seen as 'nobodies' by society at large - those who are most marginalized in the world. Apniuq, √Āngela, and Yumey, the current residents of the house, recognize the need to transition towards a society organized according to principles beyond those of our capitalist system, which drives this marginalization and causes so much social division and environmental destruction.

Finding alternative ways to live and work together around a new set of values is part of that transition. They are re-imagining economic and social relations by putting community needs ahead of individualistic personal benefit and generating an economy with values very different from how society operates at large.


In one sense thinking collectively is about how our personal choices - such as living a highly consumerist lifestyle -affect others, but it also goes deeper than that. Thinking collectively allows us to build alternatives to the typical work-world, as we develop new ways of working together far beyond just a job - in the Casa the philosophy of community translates into people's inspiration to keep working for social change, their vision for a different world, and the collaboration between them to find the way towards that vision.
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