National Farmers Union Materials

Publisher:  National Farmers Union, Saskatoon, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX197

A collection of materials in various formats addressing local and national issues.

Abstract:  1. Printed Materials: (a) Bi-Weekly newsletter -- a rundown on farm issues as NFU sees them with interpretation of their effects on farm families, $3.00 per year. (b)Bi-weekly press clipsheet -- an eight page selection of clippings from major farm publications, magazines and newspapers on issues of interest to farm families and leaders in the NFU. $10.00 per year. (c) Union Farmer -- the monthly NFU newspaper. $3.00 per year. (d) Nature Feeds Us -- a book published as an IWY project by the National Farmers Union. Includes information on food corporations, agricultural and food chemicals, NFU policy and an examination of trends in rural Canada today. $4.50 per copy or 10 copies at $3.50 plus postage.
(e) Nutritious Recipes -- recipes gathered by farm women, includes some information on nutrition and organic foods. $2.00 per copy plus postage.
2. Slide Tape Shows: These shows were produced for farm audiences and is suggested that they be used in conjunction with a resource person familiar with farm issues. (a)Grain Handling and Transportation --
details the issues facing farmers through the centralization of grain handling facilities and branch line abandonment. This leads to community breakdown, higher energy consumption, and much greater trucking costs for farmers, 25 minutes, $5.00 per day of showing plus shipping. Purchase cost -- $50.00 plus postage. (b) The case for a National Meat Authority -- an exclusive look at the problems that livestock producers face with boom and bust in the livestock economy. Makes the case for national self-sufficiency for meat with an orderly marketing fair price to consumers and producers. 32 minutes, $5.00 per day showing plus shipping costs. Purchase cost --$75.00 plus postage.

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