This Magazine is About Schools - Volume 3, Number 3 - Summer 1969

Year Published:  1969
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX19146



What Can I Do Right Now? Notes from Point Blank School on the Canadian Dilemma, by George Martell
Why Are We in New York? by Norman Mailer
You Need Imagination in the Hole, by Charlie MacDougal
A Creep in Plane English
Sugar 'n Spice, by Sarah Spinks
Out of Your Mind: The New Anarchy, a review by Satu Repo
Open Politics and Community, an Everdale parent speaks to a school meeting: Feb. '69, by Staughton Lynd
More from Pacific High, notes from an xprmentl school, by Jack Spicer
The Chocolate Children, by Anthony Barton
Going to Chicago, by Jim Allen
Freedom not License, by Jim Deacove and Allen Rosen
Everdale Trip to Milwaukee
Christopher's Movie Matinee, a review by Christina Whyte
Library Index
Staple-In, Starting a Free School in Ontario, by John Barber
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