Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - April 9, 2016
Corporate Crime

Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Date Written:  2016-04-09
Publisher:  Connexions
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX19134

Corporations have increasingly become legally unaccountable for their behaviour. Yet all too often corporations break the law and engage in criminals acts which would be severely punished if they were committed by ordinary individuals. These illegal acts range from deliberate health and safety violations that cost lives, to land seizures, to environmental negligence that contaminates lands and waters. Most of these illegal acts are never prosecuted, and those that are, are usually dealt with by a fine that corporations can treat as a cost of doing business.
There are movements demanding that corporations be held accountable for their crimes in a serious way, and, specifically, that corporate executives should face jail time when the corporation they are in charge of engage in behaviour that causes death, injury, and illness. Our topic of the week for this issue of Other Voices is Corporate Crime, and a number articles, as well as a book, a film, and a website, explore aspects of the problem.



Topic of the Week: Corporate Crime
The Case for Jailing Corporate Executives
Romania's 'occupy forests' movement demands clampdown on corporate crime
An Idiot's Guide to Prosecuting Corporate Fraud
In the footsteps of Gandhi: An interview with Vandana Shiva
Misrepresenting the White Working Class: What the Narrating Class Gets Wrong
Website of the Week: Corporate Watch
Book of the Week: The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America -- and Spawned a Global Crisis
Video of the Week: The Corporation
Organizing: Marxism and the Petition
First Steps of Participatory Research Project: Indigenous Languages and Digital Media
Save the Lukacs Archive
Turn on tune in - hippie photos unseen for decades

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