Nin Andrés - Writings - Index

Nin, Andrés

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Cx Number:  CX18943

Writings of Andrés Nin (1892-1937).



1931 Andres Nin Calls for the Spanish Opposition Press

1931 The General Strike in Barcelona

1931 Mistakes of Comrade Maurin

April 1931 The Tasks of Spanish Communists

November 1931 The Fascist Danger and the Need for a United Front of the Proletariat

1932 The Conference of the Spanish Opposition

January 1932 Bloc, Party or Organisation of Sympathisers?

1935 Austro-Marxism and the National Question

May 1937 The May Days in Barcelona

June 1937 The Political Situation and the Tasks of the Proletariat

21st June 1937 Final Declaration to the Police

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