Ten Days for World Development 1977/Leader Kit

Gardner, Robert (ed.)
Publisher:  Inter Church Committee for World Development Education, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX182

A kit designed for those who plan activites for the Ten Days for World Development programme.

This kit is produced to help those who plan to do some community animation for the Ten Days for World Development programme during February 11-21, 1977. In focusing on how food is produced, distributed, and delivered, the material collected for the kit shows that the varieties of issues we face today are the symptoms of a deeper single malaise. The content is hopeful in that it begins by demystifying a number of false popular contentions about overpopulation, lack of food and underdeveloped countries. The materials show that we have the resources and know-how to eliminate hunger and that social inequality alone is to blame for preventing this. The process of how about 3% of large land holders have come to control 80% of farm land is outlined. The effects of this concentration are shown to result in increased mechanization and specialization in high value non-essential crops for export. This acts to force small farmers out of production and off the land. The kit suggests a basic policy of basing land use on nutritional output with priority given to de-centralized industry at the service of labor intensive agriculture . This means transforming social relationships through redistributing control over food-producing resources. An interview with Francis Moore Lappe`, author of Diet for a Small Planet, and a national resource person for the Ten Days program, shows how an ordinary person can become significantly committed to historical change. There is also a theological reflection by Bishop Helmut Frenz who states why the struggle for human rights is today necessarily a struggle against structures. The kit concludes by saying that food relief is not a substitute for persistent analysis, mobilization of public opinion and social action, all of which will eventually result in conditions allowing people too feed themselves. Included is a list of resources to help this process begin.
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