Intimate Enemies
Violence and Reconciliation in Peru

Theidon, Kimberly
Publisher:  University of Pennsylvania Press
Year Published:  2013   First Published:  2012
Pages:  480pp   ISBN:  978-0-8122-4450-2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX18189

Theidon explores how Peruvians are rebuilding both individual lives and collective existence following twenty years of armed conflict. A compilation of stories and dialogues of Peruvian peasants and Theidon's own experiences to encompass the broad and varied range of conciliatory practices.


Table of Contents

Preface: Ayacucho, 1997

Part I. The Difficult Time
1 "Ayacucho Is the Cradle"
2 Sensuous Psychologies
3 Being Human
4 Fluid Fundamentalisms

Part II. Common Sense, Gender, and War
5 Speaking of Silences
6 The Widows

Part III. Looking North
7 Intimate Enemies
8 The Micropolitics of Reconciliation
9 Deliverance
10 Legacies: Bad Luck, Angry Gods, and the Stranger

Part IV. Looking South
11 Living with "Those People"
12 Facing Up to the Past

Selected Bibliography
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