Kill Chain: Drones and the Rise of High-Tech Assassins

Cockburn, Andrew
Date Written:  2015-03-10
Publisher:  Verso Books
Year Published:  2015
Pages:  320pp   ISBN:  9781781689462
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX18042

History of drone warfare, a development in military technology that has its origins in long-buried secret programmes dating to US military interventions in Vietnam and Yugoslavia. Cockburn follows the links in a chain that stretches from the White House, through the drone command center in Nevada, to the skies of Helmand Province.


Table of Contents

1 Remember, Kill Chain 1
2 Wiring the Jungle 17
3 Turning People into Nodes 32
4 Predator Politics 51
5 It's Not Assassination If We Do It 73
6 Kingpins and Maniacs 93
7 Legally Blind 118
8 Kill Them! Prevail! 133
9 Killing Effects 151
10 A Piece of Junk 168
11 Death by a Number 189
12 Drones, Baby, Drones! 211
13 One Big Robot 244
Notes 261
Acknowledgments 297
Index 299

Subject Headings

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