Is It True What They Say About NIEO

Publisher:  The Canadian Council for International Cooperation, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX180

A series of one page articles explaining the New International Economic Order.

This series of one page "Peoples Papers." #2, entitled " We make it on our own in Canada. Why can't these other Countries do the Same?", shows that Canada has received a great deal from other people to foster our development. The 11 million immigrants since Confederation and 4 million since World War II brought skills, energy and money to help build Canada. Among them have been trained nurses from the Philippines, teachers from the Caribbean, engineers and doctors from India. The Gray Report (1971) says that during our term of development, which might be compared to the present day in many Third World countries (the years before 1914) "non-residents supplied much of the money needed to build our railways, canals, roads and other utilities". Canada has always depended heavily on foreign investment to help development and cover trade deficits. Other 'Peoples Papers' in the series present the case for a new industrial strategy for Canada, for the formation of O.P.E.C. and Third World producer groups, for the role of foreign investment and for a new approach to multinationals within the framework of a New International Economic Order.
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