Vancouver People's Law School

Publisher:  Vancouver People's Law School, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Book Type:  Videotape

Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX169

Video tapes made by local lawyers who explain laws and legal procedures.

Abstract:  This organization is made up of local lawyers who voluntarily explain the laws and legal procedures to audiences at the Vancouver Public Library, high schools and other places around Vancouver. Their tapes are available from Community Radio Education Society.

I) Small Claims Court (70 min. Cat. No. LEG.S. 3-1 a,b,c) A Vancouver lawyer talks about the procedures for Small Claims court.
II) Family Court (81 min. CAT.NO. LEG.S. 3-2 a,b.c,) The judge and the parole officer: 1. Problems with the Juvenile Delinquency Act; 2. What happens to the children? (the Unwed Parents Act); 3; The Protection of Children Act.
III) Co-op Housing (Cat. No. LEG.S. 3-3) A United Housing Foundation representative talks about the procedures for establishing a co-op, the problems in getting a housing project underway and government regulations.
IV) Landlord and Tenant (65 min. Cat. No. LEG.S. 3-4) A discussion of the B.C. Landlord and Tenant Act and recent amendments. The power and functions of the rentalsman's Office are also explained.
V) Labour Law: Workman's Compensation (35 min. Cat. No. LEG.S. 3-5) A lecture with music and commentary, explaining the BC Workers' Compensation Board.

Subject Headings

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