Immigration Is Good, Immigration Is Bad, Migration Is (a Fact)
A Human Drama in Three Acts and a Few Ideas

Kruh, Ulrike
Publisher:  Transform!
Year Published:  2012
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16418

Immigration is bad – that is what the propagandists of populist politics are blazoning, in unison with their primitive media set on singing the same tune. Immigration is good, say the left, the greens and NGOs. I share the human-rights concerns and the socio-economic analysis of the second position, but would like to add a third and more fundamental one: immigration IS happening. Immigration is what is human, because only through migration could humankind spread from its places of origin in Eastern Africa to the entire globe. Only if we remember this can we tackle the phenomenon of migration adequately and develop an immigration policy suitable for human beings.

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