The Cochabamba Water War of 2000 in 2014
Today's Betrayers Will Not Erase Our Memory

Olivera, Oscar
Date Written:  2014-04-09
Year Published:  2014
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16280

Today's betrayers will not erase our memory: Fourteen years ago we won, today it seems like we lost, but we have to rise again to win, and we already know how to do it. From April 4 to 14 in the year 2000 the so-called "Final Battle" was waged in Cochabamba, Bolivia to prevent the privatization of our water. It was part of a strategy designed by the people of Cochabamba in the "Water War" that started on November 12, 1999. Today, after fourteen years of this historic struggle, the people's demands are still the same: democracy, transparency, participation and an economic model that allows us all to enjoy the riches that our Mother Earth generously provides for the benefit of all.

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