Preparing the Ground
Left Strategy Beyond the Apocalypse

Swift, Richard

Publisher:  New Internationalist
Date Written:  01/06/2012
Year Published:  2012  
Pages:  208pp   ISBN:  978-1-78026-170-6
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16237

Richard Swift considers the fall -- and future rise -- of left politics.


Table of Contents

Forward by Cy Gonick
Introduction: a sad and beautiful world in peril
1. Sources of hope: life before capitalism
2. Capitalism: a source of reckless resilience
3. State socialism
4. The anarchist impulse
5. The eco-divide
6. The utopia debate
7. Rebuilding the alternatives Southern-style
8. The democratic emergency
9. The autonomous rupture
10. What should we stand for?

Subject Headings

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