Tortured People (Revised Edition)
The Politics of Colonization

Adams, Howard
Publisher:  Theytus Books, Penticton
Year Published:  1999   First Published:  1997
Pages:  158pp   ISBN:  978-0-919441-37-8
Library of Congress Number:  E92.A33 1995   Dewey:  323.1/197071
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15956

This book grew out of the experiences of life and political struggle under colonization in Metis and other Aboriginal communities in Canada. It provides a uniquely Aboriginal socio-political perspective on the effects of colonization on Aboriginal peoples in Canada. It also presents a fresh outlook on decolonization and contemporary Aboriginal life and culture. Tortured People explains the deeply rooted issues behind the dramatic increase in Aboriginal militant action in recent years.

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