One World Ready or Not
The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism

Greider, William
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster, New York
Year Published:  1998   First Published:  1997
Pages:  528pp   ISBN:  9780684835549
Dewey:  330.1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15942

Wiliam Greider exposes the myths and the realities of the global economy in terms of human struggle.

Abstract:  In "One World, Ready or Not", Wiliam Greider focuses his reportorial skills on exposing the myths and the realities of the global ecnomy in terms of human struggle. Drawing on in-depth investigations and interviews with factory workers, corporate CEOs, economists and government officials around the world, he contends that the global economy is sowing "creative destruction" everywhere: while making possible great accumulations of wealth, it is also reviving forms of human exploitation that characterized industry one hundred years ago. Greider warns that if the system isn't reformed it will threaten not only our middle-class lifestyles but also social peace in rich and poor countries alike.
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