No Right-Of-Way

Lewington, Peter
Publisher:  Fitzhenry and Whiteside
Year Published:  1992
Pages:  272pp   Price:  $32.50 hardcover   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15862

The author tells the story of a small group of determined agriculturalists and environmentalists who took on industry, government and the courts for the rights of farmers to protect their land and the environment.


Table Of Contents


1 Gossamer Threads
2 A Flawed System
3 Farmland, the Limited Resource
4 A Micro View
5 A Macro View
6 Railroaded
7 Without the Owner's Consent
8 Style, Tile, and Bile
9 Rural Revolt
10 Pyrrhic Victory
11 The Lewington Drain
12 A Journeyman in the Just Society
13 Nature Makes One Inch of Topsoil Every Thousand Years
14 A Majority of One
15 Creativity of an Unusual Degree
16 A Higher Duty
17 A Question of Credibility
18 Of a Prescient Character
19 The Media
20 A New Generation
21 The Supreme Courts
22 The NEB Revisted
23 Ideas Incorporated
24 Soil Isn't Just Dirt
25 A Winning Blueprint


Appendix: Directory of Organizations Involved with Energy, the Environment, and Land Use

Subject Headings

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