1837: Revolution in the Canadas

Keilty, Greg
Publisher:  NC Press Limited, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1974
Pages:  236pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15832

A selection of the writings of William Lyon Mackenzie and the Patriots of the 1837 Rebellion.


Table of Contents


1. Heirs of Culloden
2. A Guilded Despotism
3. Capital
4. Land
5. Destruction of the Colonial Advocate
6. Liberty
7. Republicanism and the Legacy of 1812
8. Programme for Mass Education
9. Canals and Rotten Boroughs
10. Petition the King!
11. The People Return Machenzie to House
12. Assassinations Tried and Failed
13. The People's Mayor
14. Independence
15. 1836: End of Parliamentary Democracy
16. Mackenzie Becomes a Revolutionary
17. Revolution in P.E.I.
18. Forefront of the World Revolutionary Movement
19. Organizing the Countryside
20. Bold Plans
21. Revolution in Quebec
22. Battle of Toronto
23. In Retreat
24. Provisional Revolutionary Government
25. London: The Western Front
26. Border Raids
27. Two Heroes Hanged
28. Guerrilla Warfare
29. A People Must Liberate Themselves
30. Aftermath

Epilogue: Revive the Spirit of '37


Subject Headings

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