Community Congress for Economic Change: Credit Union

Publisher:  Community Congress for Economic Change, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  18pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX150

A booklet describing the motives and aspirations of the CCEC Credit Union.

This booklet clearly and simply gives the why and wherefore of the above credit union. It gives particular stories of the financial binds that individuals and community groups get into and how the credit union can free people from these binds. It answers several common questions about credit unions and gives two inspiring success stories of Caisse d'Economie des Travailleurs Reunis in Quebec, and the Saskatoon Anti-Poverty Credit Union in Saskatoon. Three appendices give: (i) a detailed accounting of the financial gain that would come to members of a credit union which invests money in goods and services needed by the community members, (ii) the Act and Constitution of CCEC, and (iii) a list of current (April 24/75) CCEC member group.
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