The World Turned Upside Down
Radical Ideas During the English Revolution

Hill, Christopher
Publisher:  Penguin Books
Year Published:  1984
Pages:  432pp   ISBN:  978-0140137323
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX14509

Hill looks at radical groups such as the Diggers, Levellers, Ranters, and others, whose ideas threatened to overturn the established order in the mid-seventeenth century.


Table of Contents


1. Introduction
2. The Parchment and the Fire
3. Masterless Men
4. Agitators and Officers
5. The North and West
6. A Nation of Prophets
7. Levellers and True Levellers
8. Sin and Hell
9. Seekers and Ranters
10. Ranters and Quakers
11. Samuel Fisher and the Bible
12. John Warr and the Law
13. The Island of Great Bedlam
14. Mechanic Preachers and the Mechanical Philosophy
15. Base Impudent Kisses
16. Life Against Death
17. The World Restored
18. Conclusion

1. Hobbes and Winstanley: Reason and Politics
2. Milton and Bunyan: Dialogue with the Radicals


Subject Headings

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