Chronicles from the Front
Against The Current vol. 143

Tosstorff, Reiner

Publisher:  Against The Current
Date Written:  01/11/2009
Year Published:  2009  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX13574

This volume consists of carefully edited contemporary texts from the two U.S. socialists Lois and Charles Orr, who joined the revolutionary events in Spain after the outbreak of the Civil War, from fall 1936 to spring 1937. Two newlywed activists from the left wing of the U.S. Socialist Party, they had been traveling through Europe on their honeymoon when the news of the military revolt under General Franco reached them. They rushed to Barcelona not only to take a look but to become an active part of the workers’ revolution, which had erupted as the answer to the pro-Fascist coup.

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