Agrarian-Industrial Revolt
Against The Current vol. 137

Toweill, Jim

Publisher:  Against The Current
Date Written:  01/11/2008
Year Published:  2008  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX13460

Reformers and radicals in the post-reconstruction South faced a daunting set of circumstances. Many of these are well known: In the former confederacy, Black laborers were eventually shut out of the electoral process via disfranchisement, terrorized by legislation, a lien system not dissimilar to slavery, and rampant violence. The convict-lease system put the state, via farmers' prisoners (largely Black men), in conflict with free labor that might be organized. Prospects for organizing biracial resistance were slim as the color line was diligently policed by force and ideology.

Subject Headings

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