Kinesis, Vancouver Status of Women
Periodical profile published 1976

Publisher:  Vancouver Status of Women, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Pages:  24pp   Price:  $5.00/yr.  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX132

Published monthly to provide an open channel of communication among members.

Abstract:  This VSW newsletter is published monthly; its objective is to provide an open channel of communication between the members of the organization and to provide information for interested individuals, groups and members of the government and media in order to promote understanding about the changing role of women in society. The June issue contains a host of articles that approach the question of women's rights from various perspectives. One article, entitled "The Poverty Trap," explores a number of the myths about the poverty situation in Canada and indicates how women as a group are one of the chief victims of this poverty trap.
Also contained in the issue is a calendar of coming VSW events, a book review, "news", "letter lobby" and "resources" section.

See also CX633, CX861, CX2562, CX2439, CX2758.

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