Socialist Register 2002
Volume 38: A World of Contradictions

Panitch, Leo; Leys, Colin (eds.)

Year Published:  2002  
Active Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX12746



Table of Contents

Socialist Register Preface 2002 -Leo Panitch, Colin Leys
Farewell to the 'End of History': Organisation and Vision in Anti-Corporate Movements -Noami Klein
Quebec City 2001 and the Making of Transnationals Subjects -Andre Drainville
The Nature and Contradictions of Neoliberalism -Gerard Dumenil , Dominque Levy
The Growth Obsession -Elmar Altvater
The Art of Rent: Globalisation, Monopoly and the Commodification of Culture -David Harvey
Digital Possibilities, Market Realities: The Contradictions of Communications Convergence -Graham Murdock, Peter Golding
The Dark Side of Life: Globalisation and International Crime -Reg Whitaker
Imperialism, Dollarisation and the Euro -Guglielmo Carchedi
The New International Financial Architecture: Imposed Leadership and 'Emerging Markets' -Susanne Soederberg
Making Poverty Work -Paul Cammack
Capitalism and Disability -Marta Russell, Ravi Malhotra
The Injured Self -Michael Kidron
Media Power and Class Power: Overplaying Ideology -David Miller
Negotiated Contradictions -Pablo Gonzalez Casanova
Contradictions: Only in Capitalism? -Ellen Meiksins Wood
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