The Face of Imperialism

Parenti, Michael
Publisher:  Paradigm Publishers
Year Published:  2011
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12615

Parenti redefines empire and imperialism to connect the current crisis in America to its own bad behavior worldwide.


Table of Contents

1. Thinking about Empire
Orthodoxy as "Objectivity"
The Myth of Innocent Empires
Not Just "Power for Power?s Sake"
Instrumental "Truths" and the Dominant Paradigm

2. The Omnipresent Arsenal
An Expensive Parasite Cui Bono?
Global Military Dominance
After the Red Menace

3. Why US Rulers Seek Global Dominion
Determining Intent
Bolstering the Right-wing Autocrats
Suppressing the Leftist Rebels and Reformers
Enemies without End

4. Deliberate Design
The Third Worldization of Eastern Europe
Other Rollbacks
Underlying Consistencies
When the Truth Slips Out
Secrecy and "Innocent Incompetence"
Anything Except Moneyed Interests

5. How Moneyed Interests Create Poor Nations
"Only Themselves To Blame"
Wiping Out the Locals
Phony Aid It Works Well for Somebody

6. Globalization for the Few
Introducing Globalization
Privatizing Nature
Free Trade vs. Public Service
Spreading Poverty
Bending the Rules
Some Confused Marxists

7. Free Market Servitude
Impunity for The Oligarchs
Free Market Pauperism
The Global Sweatshop
Destroying Self Development
When Life Is Unregulated?and Cheap
Another Free Market Disaster

8. Target Cuba
The Enemy Offshore
Aggressing against the "Communist Aggressors"
Nonfalsifiable Hostility
One-way Freedom
Consistent Inconsistencies

9. Satellites or Enemies
Yugoslavia: Privatization by Bombing
Iraq: Regime Change the Hard Way
North Korea: "Sanity" at the Brink
Iran: Evil Threat du Jour
Venezuela: The Threat of Socialistic Reformism

10. Rogue Imperium
A Successful Empire
Above International Law
Two-Party Imperialism
Bleeding the Republic
The Collapse of Empire?
Thinking Outside the Paradigm

Subject Headings

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