The Rising American Empire

Alstyne, Richard W. Van
Publisher:  Quadrangle Paperbacks, Chicago, USA
Year Published:  1965  
Pages:  214pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11655

An analysis of the origins and emergence of the United States as a national state, and of its subsequent growth pattern. Van Alstyne sees the course of American history as coinciding with the rise of modern nationalism and imperialism.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction. The Conception of an American Empire
2. Independence and the Alliance with France, 1775-1778
3. The French Alliance: Marriage and Divorce, 1778-1800
4. The Birth of the American Leviathan, 1789-1823
5. Manifest Destiny and Empire, 1820-1870
6. Empire of Commerce and Religion in the Pacific
7. The Thrust into the Caribbean, 1848-1917
8. The Lure of East Asia
9. Apotheosis
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