Canadian Woman: Her Work, Her Church

Publisher:  Student Christian Movement of Canada, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX1086

Canadian Woman: Her Work, Her Church is a study kit developed by the Student Christian Movement of Canada. It is divided into two main sections: "Women's Work" and "Women's Church". The purpose of the kit is to provide readings and direction for learning about the oppression of Canadian Women and how it operates in women's everyday lives.

Women's work in the home is seen to be non-productive and lacking in "real value". Transferred into the labor force, we find this attitude reinforced, for women are primarily confined to low-paying job ghettos that are extensions of the same type of work they have been socialized to do in the home. Section One of the kit looks at the history of Canadian women's waged work, the type of work she did, the working conditions, societal attitudes towards the waged woman worker, and the changing role of women in the labor movement.

Section Two is a topical look at Women and the Church. The topics include the roles of women in the Christian churches, such as low paid or volunteer workers who have little input in decision-making which affects their lives; the effects of the women's movement and the church's response to it; and a look at the traditional ways Scripture has been used to support the oppression of women. Included in the kit are sessions on "Non-Sexist Interpretations of Scripture", "A New Look at Christian Tradition", and "Women and Worship".

Subject Headings

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