On the Content of Socialism: Part 3
From the Critique of Bureaucracy to the Idea of the Proletariat's Autonomy

Castoriadis, Cornelius

Year Published:  1958   First Published:  1955
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX10592

We have tried to show that socialism is nothing other than people's conscious self-organization of their own lives in all domains; that it signifies, therefore, the management of production by the producers themselves on the scale of the workplace as well as on that of the economy as a whole; that it implies the abolition of every ruling apparatus separated from society; that it has to bring about a profound modification of technology and of the very meaning of work as people's primordial activity and, conjointly, an overthrow of all the values toward which capitalist society implicitly or explicitly is oriented.

Subject Headings

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