Literacy Project

Year Published:  1980
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX1047

The Literacy Project is sponsored by the federal government in co-operation with the Department of Education, Division of Adult and Continuing Education in Newfoundland. The project is being run in four centres in Newfoundland: St. John's, Corner Brook, Grand Falls, and Happy Valley, Labrador. A number of separate programs are included under the Literacy Project, but all have four main objectives.

1. To raise the level of literacy awareness in Newfoundland
2. To support present volunteer activity in the field of literacy and to facilitate expansion of such activity
3. To experiment with new models of literacy training.
4. To involve non-readers and literacy students in the literacy movement.

The separate programs include Basic Job Readiness Training, Basic Training for Skill Development, and Teachers -on-wheels (TOW). TOW is a volunteer movement dedicated to overcoming the high rate of illiteracy among adults in Newfoundland. This program operates primarily in St. John's. One of its objectives is to recruit and train volunteer tutors who can be matched with individual adults who have reading and writing problems. Another program, Part-time Adult Basic Education Program, is aimed at making it possible for all interested adults to become involved in courses or activities relating to their personal and social development; this program also encourages citizens to become more aware of and more involved in civic affairs.

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