Neil Webster

Year Published:  1980  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX1041

Abstract:  Neil works with groups of prisoners in Manitoba prisons whose focus for learning to read and write is a drivers' manual. The manual which is geared to a grade 4 reading level was produced as a result of work with this group. Most prisoners in Manitoba, Neil discovered, are in prison for driving-related offenses. Therefore, it seemed like a program related to driving would respond to a very important need felt by the inmates. Much of the success of the program relates to paying attention to the self-image of the inmates and encouraging natural abilities. One prisoner had quite an interest in drawing although no one had ever encouraged this and the man felt he couldn't do anything right. With encouragement his talent blossomed ;among other drawings he has produced a powerful sensitive drawing of a young native girl. Much of the emphasis in a successful literacy program, involves assisting the student to interpret and take better charge of his/her own world.
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