Post-traumatic stress and the children of Gaza

Garfinkle, Miriam; Abdul Qadir, Reem

Date Written:  04/03/2007
Year Published:  2007  
Resource Type:  Article
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The situation in Gaza is devastating. We have to act to protect the children of Gaza.



Many of us would do anything for our children. We think about their health, their safety, their emotional well-being. We try to make sure they have nutritious lunches, enough sleep, doctors we trust, routine and stability. Imagine a situation (as some Canadians already can) in which you can't meet some of your child's basic needs. Now go one step further - imagine a situation in which you and your family are under constant siege. Your children are subjected to 'sonic booms'- the incredibly loud and distressing sounds of the supersonic flight of military planes. Shells are falling onto your neighbourhood, sometimes killing your neighbours. Your access to water and electricity is spotty at best. Sewage treatment is totally inadequate. When you try to take your child to the doctor, access to specialists and diagnostic facilities are limited and it can be difficult to get specific medicines. All in all, 90 percent of children under eleven in your community are having nightmares, experiencing severe anxiety and exhibiting physical symptoms of stress.

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