Media Names & Numbers 11

Diemer, Ulli (ed.)

Publisher:  Sources, Toronto, Canada
Date Written:  26/03/2012
Year Published:  2012  
Pages:  320pp   Price:  $109.95   ISBN:  978-1-927470-00-8
ISSN:  1492-1340
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A comprehensive directory of the Canadian news media, including television and radio stations and programs, daily, weekly, ethnic and campus newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, and academic journals. Media Names & Numbers is indexed by subject, and is available in print and electronic formats.

Abstract:  A one-stop print- and Web-based directory of Canada's media, with listings for all print and broadcast media. You can access information for more than 6,000 publications and stations, with essential contact details including names of editors and producers, phone and fax numbers, mailing addresses, E-mails, Web sites, and information about editorial scope, circulation and audience size, languages, subscription prices, and much more.

One of the best features is a very extensive Subject Index which helps you identify exactly who deals with your issues. You can also target your searches geographically, by language, media type, and even by owner.

Media Names & Numbers includes:
National and local TV stations, channels, and networks
Daily newspapers
Community and weekly newspapers
Campus media
Ethnic media
Consumer magazines
Trade and business magazines
Scholarly and professional journals
News and wire services
Press galleries
Electronic periodicals