Tasers: 'If officers have a new toy, they like using it'
Tasers in the Line of Fire

Barkham, Patrick

Publisher:  The Guardian
Date Written:  09/11/2011
Year Published:  2011  
Resource Type:  Article
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Tasers are part of the modern police's arsenal. But how safe are they and why are the guidelines for their use so vague? By 2011, Amnesty International had recorded 450 deaths after a Taser firing.



Tasers were recently deployed in the eviction of Travellers from Dale Farm in Essex and against a mentally ill 72-year-old in Cornwall. Last year one was accidentally fired into a 14-year-old girl. They have been fired by police in every corner of Britain, and in situations ranging from stunning and Alzheimer's sufferer to subduing a man in a fracas at Somerset's Frome football club.

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