Ontario Rocks
Three Billion Years of Environmental Change

Eyles, Nick
Publisher:  Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Markham, Canada
Year Published:  2002  
Pages:  340pp   Price:  $49.95   ISBN:  1-55041-619-7
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

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A three-billion-year story of Ontario's geological evolution.


Table of Contents

1 Ontario Rocks
A Window Into The History Of Planet Earth

2 From Copernicus To Plate Tectonics
Milestones In Geologic Discovery

3 A Rocky Machine
How Planet Earth Works

4 The Rock Cycle
A Geological Blue-Box Program

5 Minerals
Buildings Blocks of Rocks

6 Making A Rock Record
The Science of Stratigraphy

7 2.5 Billion Years Ago
A Continent Called Arctica
And A Province Called Superior

8 1.9 Billion Years Ago
A Continent Called Nena
And A Province Called Southern

9 1.3 Billion Years Ago
A Continent Called Rodinia
And A Province Called Grenville

10 550 Million Years Ago
Rodinia Breaks Apart And
The Iapetus Ocean Floods Ontario

11 440 Million Years Ago
A Continent Called Pangea And The
Taconic Orogeny: The Iapetus Ocean Closes

12 360 Million Years Ago
The Acadian Orogeny

13 Rich Resources From The Rocks
Fueling Ontario's Economic Development

14 350 Million To 135,000 Years Ago
The Big Gap: From The Warmth of The Devonian
To The Ice Sheets of the Pleistocene

15 Toronto Rocks
Geology In The City
16 2.5 Million Years Ago
The Pleistocene Cooling
And Ice Sheets Cover Canada

17 Glaciation of Southern Ontario
Living on a Fossil Glacial Landscape

18 The Great Lakes
Watery Legacy of the Laurentide Ice Sheet

19 The Last 12,000 Years
The Postglacial In Ontario

20 Neotectonics
The Continuing Story of Plate
Tectonics In Ontario

21 Ontario Wastes Away
Weathering And Soils

22 The Built Landscape
The Impact of Urbanization

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