Automobile Manufacturing

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Big Three Win A Modular Future: Contract Hype and Reality: Against The Current vol. 83
Moody, Kim
The 1999 contract talks between the United Auto Workers and the Big Three auto makers, plus General Motors' Delphi spin-off, offer one more demonstration of what the mainstream media like to call impr...
The First Legal Russian Strike in a Decade: Against The Current vol. 132
The almsot month-long strike at the Ford-Vsevolozhsk assembly plant, a small plant near St. Petersburg, ended December 16 with an agreement that negotiations would resume. The strike began on November...
Food, Shelter and the American Dream
Aronowitz, Stanley
Discusses the state of the American economy, the consequences for politics and culture that might arise from the new situation, and possible solutions.
Just Another Car Factory?: Lean Production and Its Discontents
Huxley, Chris; Rinehart, James; Robertson, David
What Ford did to the Ramapough Mountain Indians: Ford, the feds, the mob: Making a wasteland
Barry, Jan; Layton, Mary Jo; Nussbaum, Alex; Troncone, Tom; Washburn, Lindy; Williams; Barbara
Ford repeatedly dumped in poor communities and failed to clean up its mess. Documents reveal that Ford executives knew as early as 34 years ago that its waste had contaminated a stream that feeds the ...