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Agreement on terms
Luyendijk, Joris
I have come to accept that western journalists cannot accurately, let alone objectively, represent the Middle East and the Arab world. The problem is not that journalists do not always adhere to their...
Aljazeera - English home page
English-language site of the Arabic news network.
The Arab Choice
Laabi, Abdellatif
The Arabs are many peoples, cultures, religions, and realities. I cannot put an Arab tyrant, whoever he is, in the same category as a martyr for democracy like Mehdi Ben Barka.
Beyond Iraq: The Spreading Crisis: Against The Current vol. 122
Finkel, David
The disaster and carnage of the Iraq occupation is the center of a crisis now spreading through the region—to Iran, to Afghanistan and the India-Pakistan subcontinent, and especially to Israel-Palesti...
The Danger in Lebanon: Against The Current vol. 120
Achcar, Gilbert
The assasination [of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri] resulted in the intensification of the campaign by the USA and France against the Syrian presence and influence in Lebanon. This press...
Empire, Religion and Liberation: Against The Current vol. 135
Webber, Jeffery R.
“At least 10 Palestinians were killed in Gaza on Sunday by Israeli fire,” today’s New York Times reports as I write this review, “bringing the number of Palestinians killed since Wednesday… to more th...
Israel, Lebanon and Torture: Against The Current vol. 125
Finkel, David
An interview with Marty Rosenbluth. Marty Rosenbluth is Amnesty International’s country specialist for Israel, the Occupied Territories and the Palestinian Authority.
Israel/Palestine: Resources for peace, justice, and human rights
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
A selection of resources for those looking for a solution to the situation in Isreal/Palestine based on peace, justice, and human rights.
The Madder Trump Gets, the More Seriously the World Takes Him
Fisk, Robert
The more dangerous America's crackpot President becomes, the saner the world believes him to be. Just look back at the initial half of his first 100 days: the crazed tweeting, the lies, the fantasies ...
Mainspring of the Arab Revolt: A review of Lineages of Revolt by Adam Hanieh
Machover, Moshe
This book ought to be read — or better, studied — by every socialist interested in the Middle East.
A Marxist History of the World part 96:1956: Hungary and Suez
Faulkner, Neil
1956 was a year of war, revolution, and disillusionment – a year after which nothing could ever be quite the same again.
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
Carter, Jimmy
Former U.S. President Carter calls Israel's treatment of Palestinians 'apartheid' and identifies continuing Israeli control of the occupied territories as the primary obstacle to peace.
Report from Dubai: Against The Current vol. 131
Francis, Vicky
Dubai — This gulf emirate is shaping up into a key tourist destination. For golf, luxury hotels and high-end shopping, it is firmly established as a key player in the Middle East region. Dubai’s geogr...
Seven Points Not on the Arab Media Agenda – What Is There to Celebrate?
Baroud, Ramzy
As media experts plan to establish an 'Arab Media Day', Baroud criticizes in seven points the censorship and repression of Arab journalism and media.
The Socialist Register 1965: Volume 2: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Truth Against Truth
Avnery, Uri
Challenges the myths, conventional lies, and historical falsehoods on which most of the arguments of both Israeli and Palestinian propaganda rest. The truths of both sides are intertwined into one his...
Understanding the counter-revolution
Bouharoun, Jad
A review of Gilbert Achcar, Morbid Symptoms: Relapse in the Arab Uprising (Saqi, 2016).

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Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada
NECEF is an academically oriented volunteer organization whose extensive international network of individuals and NGO's with expertise about and concern for the Arab World includes a Canadian speakers...

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Leading news website blocked in 3 Arab countries
Sources News Release
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has expressed its deep concerns today following the blocking of news web site al-Araby al-Jadeed and its English counterpart The New Arab, in Saudi Ar...
Middle East and North Africa: Blogging flourishes; governments block and monitor content
Sources News Release
Thousands of writers, journalists, activists, lawyers and others are expressing their dissent and reporting on social issues by blogging throughout the Middle East and North Africa, says a new report ...

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Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Organization profile published 2007
Believes that Israel is an apartheid state that resembles South African Apartheid and that justice will not be achieved without equal rights for everyone in the region, regardless of religion, ethnici...
Periodical profile
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Progressive U.S. website/newsletter.
International Middle East Media Center
Media center developed in collaboration between Palestinian and International journalists to provide English language media coverage of Israel-Palestine.