Aboriginal Prisoners

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Milton-Born-with-a-Tooth: Connexipedia article
Milton Born-With-A-Tooth is a Peigan-Blackfoot political activist.
The Fight for Leonard Peltier
Perry, Hayden
LEONARD PELTIER, A Native American class-war prisoner, has served twenty-three years in federal prisons for a crime he did not commit—and authorities admit they do not know who did it.
I Am Barack Obama's Political Prisoner Now: The Denial of My Parole
Peltier, Leonard
Given the complexion of the three recent federal parolees, it might seem that my greatest crime was being Indian. But the truth is that my gravest offense is my innocence.
The Native Inmate in Ontario -- A Preliminary Survey
Irvine, M.J., Ontario Native Council on Justice
The above study was conducted jointly by the Ontario Native Council on Justice, together with the Planning and Research Branch of the Ministry of Correctional Services in Ontario.
Native Sons
A Travesty of Justice: Why Peltier Remains in Prison: Against The Current vol. 85
Breseé, Jack
“It's 1999. Why is Leonard Peltier still in prison?” These words were on the huge banner behind the speakers' table for last summer's gathering of forces at Haskell Indian Nations College & Institute...
Uncivil Obedience: The Tactics and Tales of a Democratic Agitator
Borovoy, A. Alan
How to push for social change without breaking the law.
Why is Leonard Peltier Still in Prison? : Justice is 33 Years Overdue for America's Most Famous Political Prisoner
Bollinger, Michelle
Leonard Pletier is a political prisoner who has spent more than 33 years in U.S. prisons for a crime he didn't commit.

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