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NOTA BENE! The Spunk Library was an effort from 1992 to ~2000 to collect and distribute Libertarian Socialist material in electronic form, mostly through the Internet, Fidonet and other computer networks. The last update of the web pages was in 2002. The actual text archive has probably not been updated since some time in the late 1990s.

In 2010 the spunk.org website disappeared from its hosting provider. I re-instated the archive on my own server using a backup I had made in 2009. If anything should happen to my mirror there is also a mirror at http://j12.org/spunk/

Below is the original Spunk Library index.

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The Spunk Library collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues. For a more complete description of what Spunk is about you can view the Spunk Manifesto.

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Ian Heavens, Spunk Co-founder

Ian Heavens: Revolutionary

Many remember how sincere, genuine and giving Ian was. As well as bringing joy to those around him Ian had a vision of a fairer world. He believed the anarchist movement could bring about a better world. In 1993, with his skills and access to the internet, he found his opportunity to give anarchism a boost in cyber space. Spunk was born. Along with others from around the world, that he knew from an email list, he devoted much time and energy to building the Spunk internet archive. He also gave workshops about the then new internet to other activists.

Many wanted to stifle the internet as a vibrant exchange of ideas. Ian was a casually of the attack on the new-found freedoms to promote revolution electronically. After being smeared by the Sunday Times Ian decided to keep a "low profile" as far as openly revolutionary activity was concerned. Ian played a central role in the Mutiny Collective, which puts on fundraising gigs for the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh. He enthusiastically did the one hundred and one things needed to ensure a successful gig. Not to mention often playing with Bloco Vomit at an ACE gig!

Not only were the Mutiny gigs crucial for raising money, they were vital and exciting events in their own right. Always concerned to break down musical and cultural barriers, Ian helped organise gigs which brought together punks and poets, music from the eclectically experimental to traditional folk, information stalls and wild pogoing..... at ACE and Spunk we will always remember him.

More about Ian can be found at this external link
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Spunk can only flourish if people contribute material. If you have things that you think might fit in the archive, have a look at the guidelines for contributing material. Send contributions to spunk@spunk.org

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Anarchist Resources Guide
Looking for that hard to find anarchist? We have an anarchist resources guide which lists addresses (both electronic and 'real') that may be interesting to anarchists. Whereever possible the addresses are hotlinks.

What's New
Agnes Inglis: Anarchist Librarian by Julie Herrada and Tom Hyry
Broadening the anarchist gene pool: two concerns for the future of anarchist practice by Joseph Heathcott (nee Average)
The struggle against the state and other essays by Nestor Makhno
The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939 by Agustin Guillamón
Language, thought, and communicating rebellious ideas by Amorey Gethin (The Raven 34)
Water, water everywhere... and not a drop to drink by Chumbawamba
Photos from the 1992 Bloomington Anarchist Gathering and Picnic
The Reproduction of Daily Life by Fredy Perlman
Anarchism: ideology or methodology? by Dave Neal
Anarchist Yellow Pages 1997
Dreaming of a reality where the past & future meet the present by Andrew Flood
Let's talk about sex
The Final issue of Class War (number 73)


We also have flyers in different languages, which you can take and distribute, copy in magazines,etc. and a Call for Contributions (in English) that fits nicely on an A4 (or folio for you americans), also for distribution.

We also have an irregular newsletter, the Spunknik.

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