By Vic Roberts


Vic Roberts is a retired coal miner in Taylorville, IL.

Thomas Jefferson said, "When a long train of abuse and usurpations reveal a settled design to subject them to absolute rule, it is not only the people's right but also their duty to throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security."

Indeed, the Washington politicians have subjected us laboring class people, small business operators and family farmers to a long train of abuse and misuse and it is our duty to make a revolution because it is the right thing to do, for the good of our country and for us who have built this great Nation with our very souls and being and our blood, sweat and toil.

We must have a revolution. A revolution that will bring a guaranteed annual wage for labor from justly-divided industrial profits. A revolution against those politicians who prefer the exploiters to the exploited, the profiteers to the laborers, the New World Order masters to the sovereign citizens of the United States of America. The wrong is great–the remedy must be equally great.

Let us put those politicians on notice today that we are not ignorant to their single purpose: protecting privileged finance and unrestricted monopoly. We demand that the big profits of the multinational corporations and Wall Street bankers be equitably shared with all this nation's citizens, through the process of fair taxation.

We must have a revolution where the kings and queens of finance and the legal jokers of politics are discarded. A revolution against wealthy manufacturers who force the laboring class people into the bondage of economic slavery; where we are forced to compete against each other in an industrial warfare of slave against slave; where our children and grandchildren are sentenced to live lives of economic servitude in order to satisfy the New World Order money-changers' lust for power and global domination. We are victims of class legislation, of legislation designed to protect the interests of the rich, legislation which sneers at the poor and at human rights and social justice.

We revolutionists do not come as aggressors. Our revolution is about the defense of our homes, our families, and posterity.

Friends–Do not fear that a tyrant will rise from among the people, but do fear the tyrannical encroachments of the New World Order's organized wealth. Bankers are not producers of wealth. Bankers are human leeches who live off the artistry, the labor and the scientific development of others. They are in business with their prerogative of manufacturing money through an act of a corrupt, legally bought and paid for Congress, and through the grace of a printing press and fountain pen. The banker's business is to get that which they did not create. We are in the grip of a small group of human parasites who do not produce wealth but who live lavishly upon the labor of others. Their control of money enables them in days of prosperity to grow fat upon interest, and in days of depression to grow even fatter upon the legal confiscation of the homes, businesses and farms of less fortunate citizens.

Indeed, there must be a revolution which teaches those who own and control wealth that labor owes no rights to capital, unless capital performs its duty toward labor. A revolution which creates an economic system where workers are not forced into total poverty because there is no work at a profit for their employer. A revolution that will justly distribute the profits which have been gained through the use of mechanical and electronic devices.

Yes, one day, there must be a revolution which understands that it is impossible for us to presume that there is such a thing as a just wage or purchasing power in this Nation when most profits are siphoned into the hands of a few. There must be a revolution that will enable the laborer to maintain and educate his family according to the standards of American decency. A revolution that pays homage to the fact that labor is something human, something sacred; that labor requires the service of one's very soul and being to give life and activities to one's skill and toil.

America has the God-given resources to create enough real wealth to end poverty, hunger and homelessness in this great Nation and create undreamed of prosperity for all. But this prosperity cannot be forthcoming until we destroy the immoral mania of borrowing the Wall Street bankers' money with interest.

We citizens can prate about our physical liberty and talk about our political liberty, but it is all inconsequential unless there is, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the right to life, to liberty and to the pursuit of happiness which is denied a multitude of our citizens by the absence of our sovereign right of circulating the goods of our fields and our factories because money is controlled by a few. The multinational industrialists, the Wall Street bankers and the global financiers, the apostles of the New World Order Gods of the Global Economy, they are the true subversive movement in America today. Yet we who challenge their kingly rights are called rebels and inciters of revolution.

Let us regain the patriotic American dream instead of leaguing with those who wish to make proletarians of us all. If social justice is called radicalism; if patriotism is referred to as bigoted isolation, I gladly accept those charges with the same philosophic attitude in which our patriotic forebears were called rebels and revolutionists.

The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error; indeed, where is the profit if one gains the world and loses one's soul? I would rather be called a rebel and a crackpot for social justice than be a high-paid hired "yes man" for the Wall Street bankers. We citizens must strike the first and telling blow for national economic freedom and financial independence by driving the apostles of the New World Order out of the temple of their golden calf–the Federal Reserve system.

I invite you to join with me in dedicating a portion of our lives to the task of bringing about political revolution. In the words of a great lady, Mother Jones: Let us pray for the dead but fight like hell for the living.

Originally published in New Democracy Newsletter, January-February 2001.