Works of Marx and Engels


—— 1864 ——
The International Workingmen's Association is founded in London on September 28 1864 and elects Marx to its General Council

“numbers weigh in the balance only if united by combination and led by knowledge. Past experience has shown how disregard of that bond of brotherhood which ought to exist between the workmen of different countries, and incite them to stand firmly by each other in all their struggles for emancipation, will be chastised by the common discomfiture of their incoherent efforts. This thought prompted the workingmen of different countries assembled on September 28, 1864, in public meeting at St. Martin's Hall, to found the International Association.” [General Rules]

Major Works


including Marx’s Inaugural Address
General Rules and Administrative Regulations
Speech: France’s Historical Attitude to Poland (Marx)
Terms of Admission to the International
Letter to Abraham Lincoln

“the emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves”
[General Rules]

The Direct Process of Production of Capital


“I wrote an Address to the Working Classes (which was not in the original plan: a sort of review of the adventures of the working classes since 1845); on the pretext that everything material was included in the address and that we ought not to repeat the same things three times over, I altered the whole preamble, threw out the declaration of principles, and finally replaced the 40 rules with 10. My proposals were all accepted by the subcommittee. Only I was obliged to insert two phrases about "duty" and "right" into the preamble to the statutes, ditto "truth, morality, and justice", but these are placed in such a way that they can do no harm.” [Marx to Engels. 4 November 1864]

Minor Works

Old Danish Folk Song, Engels
Obituary for Wilhelm Wolff (Marx & Engels) May 13 1864