Marx-Engels Correspondence 1858

Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW Volume 40, p. 244;
First published: abridged in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, Stuttgart, 1913.

[London,] 11 January [1858]

Dear Frederick,

‘Campaign’, etc. received. In the next day or so I shall go to the Museum to look up the matters in question.

Affairs in India — with Windham for hero — are again taking an interesting turn. If we have fuller particulars this week, by Wednesday or thereabouts, I shall have to send off something on the subject to the Tribune.

In elaborating the principles of economics I have been so damnably held up by errors in calculation that in despair I have applied myself to a rapid revision of algebra., I have never felt at home with arithmetic. But by making a detour via algebra, I shall quickly get back into the way of things.

Your health bulletins are too cursory. I'd like you to go into more detail, for instance, have all your sores healed up?

More in my, next.

K. M.

I hunted through Clausewitz, more or less, when doing Blücher. The fellow possesses a common sense bordering on the ingenious.