Marx-Engels Correspondence 1853

Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW Volume 39, p. 399.
First published: abridged in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, 1913 and in full in MEGA, Berlin, 1929.

[London,] 23 November 1853, 28 Dean Street, Soho

Dear Engels,

The People’s Paper had been overlooked. Enclosed herewith. The five articles that have so far appeared in Jones’ paper have been compressed in the Tribune into three.

Whatever calls there may be on your time, I must ask you to let me have for Friday at least 2 of (your usual) pages — more is unnecessary — written in English so that I waste no time over translation. It seems to me that the campaign is now over for the winter; and in any case the first phase has been concluded, and hence can be disposed of with a few general remarks. So I count on at least 2 pages.

The Willich mess calls for speed — in direct contrast to his six months of shillyshallying.

K. M.

Did the ‘old man’ get the postal order for 2?