Articles by Frederick Engels for The Northern Star

Parsonocracy in Prussia

Source: MECW Volume 3, p. 523;
Written: in mid-May 1844;
First published: in The Northern Star No. 341, May 25, 1844, with an editorial note: “From our own Correspondent”

The parsonocracy of this country, enjoying the peculiar protection and favour of the present government, assume every day a more haughty position. It has, for instance, lately occurred in Berlin, that one parson after the other refused to perform marriage ceremonies on a Saturday, alleging as his reason for this refusal, that the parties would in all probability not rise on Sunday morning in a fit state of mind for the celebration of the Lord’s day, if they were married on the previous day! Of course the Berliners, who care very little about a due celebration of the Sunday, and on the contrary make it the merriest day of the week, are crying out that the governing party was going to introduce among them “the English Sunday”, than which they know nothing more formidable. Indeed, the English Sunday is most repugnant to the feelings and habits of all continental nations.