Articles by Frederick Engels for The Northern Star

Letter to the Editor of
The Northern Star [224]

Source: MECW Volume 3, p. 514;
Written: late in April 1844;
First published: in The Northern Star; No. 338, May 4, 1844.

I propose furnishing you with reports concerning the progress of the movement party on the Continent for the Star, extracts from the German papers, and of my correspondence with well-informed men in Paris and Germany. I see with pleasure, that your paper contains more and better information about the state of public opinion in France than all other English papers together; and I should like to place you in the same position as far as regards Germany. The political state of Germany is becoming more important every day. We shall have a revolution there very shortly, which cannot but end in establishment of a Federal Republic. [225] At the same time, I shall not confine, myself to Germany, but report to you everything about Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Russia, &c., which will be likely to prove interesting to your readers; and I shall leave it entirely to yourself to make what use you think proper of the materials furnished by me.