Early Works of Karl Marx: Book of Verse

Flower King

A Fantastic Ballad


    "You in the sunshine, Mannikin,
Will you be the Flower King?
Ever runs your courage high,
Tinge us with your blood's red dye!"


"Flower bright and flower pale,
    You've drunk my blood and drunk it deep.
Now my kingdom without fail!
    In calyx, in calyx let me steep!"


"Sweet your blood was, Little Man,
Show your deep little heart, if you can.
If our King you would become,
Your heart must glisten in the sun."


"My heart, my heart beats high and true,
shines forth fairly in my gaze.
If I gave up my heart to you,
Never again I'll feast my eyes."


"Mannikin, we'll jump and rest,
All of us, inside your breast.
Let your heart shine in the sun,
Flower King you shall become!"


He starts, he thinks, that Mannikin,
He tears his breast rose-red apart.
"Give me sceptre, give me crown,
Take, O take my deep little heart!"


"You in the sunshine, Mannikin,
Cannot be the Flower King.
No more your rose-red blood can spurt,
For us must glow your deep little heart."


The Mannikin plucks out his eyes,
Digs himself a hole deep down,
Digs his own deep grave, and lies
Buried, buried underground.