Letter from Heinrich Marx to son Karl

in Bonn

Written: Trier, November 8, 1835
Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 1, pg 645.
Publisher: International Publishers (1975)
First Published: Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Hb. 2, 1929
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcribed: S. Ryan
HTML Markup: S. Ryan

Dear Karl,

More than three weeks have passed since you went away, and there is no sign of you! You know your mother and how anxious she is, and yet you show this boundless negligence! That, unfortunately, only too strongly confirms the opinion, which I hold in spite of your many good qualities, that in your heart egoism is predominant.

Your mother knows nothing of this letter. I do not want to increase her anxiety still more, but I repeat, it is irresponsible of you.

For my part, I can wait -- but I expect you to set your mother's mind at rest by return of post.

Your father,