Recommendatory Reference on the Dissertation of Karl Marx

Written: 1841
Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 1, pg 705-6.
Publisher: International Publishers (1975)
First Published: Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Hb. 2, 1929
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcribed: S. Ryan
HTML Markup: S. Ryan

Senior Venerande,
Assessores Gravissimi,

I present to you hereby a very worthy candidate in Herr Carl Heinrich Marx from Trier. He has sent in 1) A written request. (sub. lit. a.) 2) Two university certificates on his academic studies in Bonn and Berlin. (lit. b. and c.) The disciplinary offences therein noted can be disregarded by us. 3) A written request in Latin, curriculum vitae, and specimen: On the Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature, together with a certificate on authorship written in Latin. (lit. d.) 4) 12 Friedr. d'or, the excess of which will be returned to the candidate. The specimen testifies to intelligence and perspicacity as much as to erudition, for which reason I regard the candidate as preeminently worthy. Since, according to his German letter, he desires to receive only the degree of Doctor, it is clear that it is merely an error due to lack of acquaintance with the statutes of the faculty that in the Latin letter he speaks of the degree of Magister. He probably thought that the two belong together. I am convinced that only a clarification of this point is needed in order to satisfy him.

Requesting your wise decision,

Most respectfully,

Dr. Carl Friedrich Bachmann

pro tem Dean

Jena, April 13, 1841

Ordinis philosophorum Decane maxime spectabilis
As Your Spectabilitit

F. Hand
E. Reinhold
J. F. Fries