Certificate of Release from Bonn University

Written: 1836
Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 1, pg 657-58.
Publisher: International Publishers (1975);
First Published: Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Hb. 2, 1929;
Translated: Clemens Dutt;
Transcribed: S. Ryan;
HTML Markup: S. Ryan.

To No. 26


We, the Rector and Senate of the Royal Prussian Rhenish Frederick William University in Bonn, testify by this certificate that Herr Carl Heinrich Marx, born in Trier, son of Herr Justizrat Marx of the same place, prepared for academic studies at the gymnasium in Trier, on the basis of the certificate of maturity of the above-mentioned gymnasium, was matriculated here on October 17, 1835, has since then resided here until now as a student, and has applied himself to the study of jurisprudence.

During this stay at our University, according to the certificates submitted to us, he has attended the lectures listed below:

I. In the winter term 1835/36

1) Encyclopaedia of jurisprudence with Professor Pugge, very diligent and attentive.
2) Institutions with Professor Bocking, very diligent and with constant attention.
3) History of Roman law with Professor Waiter, ditto.
4) Mythology of the Greeks and Romans with Professor Welcker, with excellent diligence and attention.
5) Questions about Homer with Professor von Schlegel, diligent and attentive.
6) History of modern art with Professor D'Alton, diligent and attentive.

II. In the summer term 1836

7) History of German law with Professor Waiter, diligent.
8) Elegiacs of Propertius with Professor van Schlegel, diligent and attentive.
9) European international law and
10) Natural right with Professor Pugge. Could not be testified owing to the sudden death of Professor Pugge on August 5.

In regard to his behaviour, it has to be noted that he has incurred a punishment of one day's detention for disturbing the peace by rowdiness and drunkenness at night; nothing else is known to his disadvantage in a moral or economic respect. Subsequently, he was accused of having carried prohibited weapons in Cologne. The investigation is still pending.

He has not been suspected of participation in any forbidden association among the students.

In witness thereof, this certificate has been drawn up under the seal of the University and signed with their own hand by the Rector pro tem and also by the present Deans of the Faculties of Law and Philosophy.

Bonn, August 22, 1836
University judge
von Salomon

Dean of the Faculty of Law
Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy

Oppenhofen, U.S.

Witnessed by the Extraordinary Governmental Plenipotentiary and Curator
Von Rehfues